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LSC COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

The list of resources will be updated as new material becomes available so please check back regularly for updates. 


This site has been developed as an information resource to assist primary care prescribers and pharmacists working in Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Vaccine SOP and general COVID-19 vaccine updates for Lancashire and South Cumbria will be listed here - check back regularly for updates.

Click on the the links below for full updates. 

Astra Zeneca SOP update - AVH3 SOP

Please note:

Preparation of the Astra Zeneca vaccine was updated, regarding the vials remaining at the end of the session.

Current advice - updated 7th January 2021 - now states:

Point 5.3.15  If unused vaccine vials have left the PCN Designated site for administration elsewhere, they must not be returned to stock. Discard the vaccine vials into a yellow lidded sharps bin.

Advice Previous to 07.01.21:

Point 5.3.14  At the end of the session, any vials that have had doses withdrawn must be discarded into a yellow lidded sharps bin. Any vials that have not had doses withdrawn and where the maintenance of the cold chain (2C to 8C) in a validated cool box can be demonstrated may be returned to the fridge.

COVID SOP - Vaccine Deployment in Community Settings update - C0992 SOP

Page 24 section 4.8

For the Oxford/AstraZeneca there is not a requirement for 15 minutes observation unless this is indicated after clinical assessment.