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August 2023 updates to the website

Following the latest ICB approval meeting, the following RAG positions have been updated on the website:

  • Nephrotrans 500mg gastro-resistant capsules (sodium hydrogen carbonate) – Do Not Prescribe
  • Glucagon pre-filled pen Ogluo – Green Restricted
  • IQoro device for treatment of stroke related Dysphagia – Red
  • IQoro device for treatment of Hiatus Hernia – Do Not Prescribe
  • Budesonide multimatrix (MMX) – Amber 0
  • Estradiol / micronised progesterone Bijuve – Green Restricted
  • Therabite – Red
  • Trifarotene – Green
  • Hydrocortisone Sodium Phosphate eye drops Softacort – Red
  • Avanafil – Green Restricted

The drug below has been added to the website following the latest ICB approval Meeting:

  • Fluorouracil 5% Cream Efudix – For the topical treatment of superficial pre-malignant skin lesions. – Green RAG position.